Wednesday, September 16, 2009

today's enviornment

Pens on asphalt lose their brilliance; pins on skin earn irritation, pens on paper control lives. For a perfect pet one will put up with many imperfections. When you see what they think, you know you shouldn’t be there. Try to control it, but it controls you. In these times one must transform. Call yourself a piece or a place, but not an object. This is a place where objects become possessions not individuals. A mother will never wean her young when a possession is at stake. A tractor tills the soil in hopes of a better harvest. Underneath the evil, breath and corruption are born in an attempt for nourishment. If a gun is deactivated it still has the ability to become a hammer. When a person believes; they lose their ability to pound nails. Please be advised that I am building a periscope to see the truth. He wouldn’t want it like this, but I will trust myself and prepare for the future. A needle is found and nourishment is given to those with black eyes. A moment in time is often mistaken for something, instead of just something that is gone, gone as not even in nonexistence. To the history books I will call you a fake and stop reading. In the incident of a chance meeting I will show you a vase and stare at you through it. A minor distortion will make your imperfections seem almost human.

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