Thursday, September 17, 2009

circulation eddy

White lies and butterflies fly freely in the autumn breeze. To a philosopher with no boat, I suggest you buy a life raft and begin to build one. The tide is rising, with fast currents come hungry predators. Peak out your window and take a deep breath. All is happening and all is still, no hound to track the trail. Would you trust your children to your neighbors? Apply the force that a hammer makes when it is swung by an accomplished carpenter, now read his book, which one builds a stronger foundation? To those who prescribe I want to know your subscription. Fancier than ever the whistling of the illegal immigrant looking for work reminds me of the call of the African Chualli bird in it’s mating season. To decipher the code of this such species often leads to higher unemployment rate. Hot tamales between your toes on a hot day can often cause irritation. The rational is often not what it seems to be. Butter comes from a cow, and honey comes from bees. I will feed the cows honey and shorten the process of making peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Does this really work here? Look at what you have done. You have spilt your coffee with no saucer to catch the run off. Such a pleasant noise it is when all is quiet. I will give you a towel to dry up your tears, if you swear to never make salt again. I wouldn’t take the towel in a million years how else would I make a living? A pile of it is made when time seems to stop. Take a look at what you’ve created do you like it, would you let it into your home? Hold on to the visions you have and forget the visions you ponder. This is neither time nor place to hold a PTA meeting. If you only knew? I will assist when all else fails, but I will still let you fall. Into the crevasse with tigers and small creatures of the night, you will be alone. A thought might warm you, but with yours you will surely need a blanket.

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