Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday evenings at Melbourne and Hillhurst

Every day I notice a little bit more. To think this is normal would be ignorant. People seem to just get by and not care what is happening around them. The small baby looking over its mothers shoulder notices. I see its eyes and facial expressions. It truly has no clue of what is going on but it is aware of its surroundings and who is in them. Now look at the drunks out in front of the bar next door. They don’t give a shit. They just want it all to go away. They just want another drink. Somewhere in between being born and getting drunk we lose the beauty that makes us human. We lose the sparkle in our eyes and the genuine curiosity that continues our evolution as a species. I challenge you to look around, take note of the things that are out of order, be responsible for lost or damaged things, use things at your own risk, allow the children to play, sit on the machine, and for god’s sake smile when you’re on camera. Watching the revolution take place knowing things are going to be clean inspires me to drive on through the bureaucracy of daily life. Please open your eyes and enjoy the ride, seatbelts are optional.

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