Wednesday, August 19, 2009

not lost

Done with the things that create the future. I rely on past experiences for inspiration. Knowing that hitting your finger with a hammer hurts, I carry a hammer for the times when I think of you. Pay for the fumigation and get the termites for free. I will look at the contract a little closer next time when asked to sign. Last night I wanted to take a scalpel to my arm to see if it is truly you that lies underneath it all. Itching until blood arrives can do no good unless you are thirsty. Tomorrow I will buy another bike in hopes that I might be able to escape. Soap lathers and washes away. I need to start making notes for new situations. If I am truly prepared, things will surely change. Today I buy paper tomorrow I may have a future. Follow the steps and find the enemy. Don’t forget the past because tomorrow is only a word connected to an emotion lost long ago.

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