Thursday, August 20, 2009


Experiments with time can often end with disastrous results. I didn’t think that it would matter. Take off a month, maybe a year, three years later the tears still flow and finances are closing in on me. Freedoms of time, freedom of mind, create and be inspired or suffer the consequences of dieing. Knowing it is about to happen I try, but life seems to pass by in the night without record or remorse. I now try and escape to the small and far corners of my mind while watching it disintegrate from the inside. I know this is hard to follow, but try and follow from the inside. I’m looking for peace in the form of distant liquor. Money not so well spent, but lost never the less. I only hope that they haven’t seen me yet. Today the sun rose and I tracked its progress waiting for the inferior moon to rise and show it’s supremacy of the night. A place frequented by words spoken in an exaggerated format. Yes I know she is hot, sure I want her, pain rears its ugly carcass and all hopes and dreams are dashed on the rocks of reality. She is beautiful and I want to wake up next to her and end the abuse. Little fears own the man and tiny abrasions harm the soul. I want to buy a friend and hold her hostage in my mind. This place is cold if not barren. Underneath it all lays a person, trapped and mentally shattered by the injustices of beauty.

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