Monday, August 17, 2009

going nowhere

Intro into endings, a punctuation point at the beginning of the session. Over and over the role is played. People judge the contest and put up the numbers. Quick to react, but slow to reveal, a hole or a whole. In these times a milligram is often the most convenient form of measurement. I can tell you how many milligrams it takes to forget a dinner, four. The mind is often mistaken for the body. A halo will get you to the beginning of the line. Buy yourself a chicken and raise it for a Sunday dinner. Place the legs in a crossed position with the chicken on its back and remove the head and replace it with a pear. Pray for the unborn children and snack on your meal. Stop thinking and react. I will place a quarter on the table and wait for you to grab it, knowing you will. Enter a place, a position between two points. Feel the pull and wait for the direction. Always to one side it is inevitable. Drag you across the room and you remain polar and back you go. Over a small piece of pie wolfs cry. Large buildings are full of people in need. I will collect paper and have you sign it for a later day. This relieves me of all responsibility, and I fly.

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