Wednesday, April 18, 2012

see sick

As the ship bobs adrift at sea the crew members are tossed side to side creating sickness. They all huddle together for support and speak of stories of a better ship. Some talk of a ship that is large with diesel engines cutting through the surf without even the slightest movement. Others dream of a race boat skipping on the surface at lights speed always nanoseconds away from lift off. Some talk of a small boat with one occupant that rows the boat, steers the boat and captains it. A few of the crew members just want to jump overboard and end the torture. The engine room is always prepping the engines waiting for the spark to ignite the fuel. Life out here is hard on one’s soul. Without a good captain even the best of boats and crews are destine to bob adrift at sea wondering where they are going or if they are going to end up stranded on the reef. Sometimes you just need to jump ship and see how well you swim. I know my great grandfather did it and he lived a good life sipping spirits on the porch while fathering 14 children. I feel the need to swim.