Friday, May 14, 2010

governmental control

Keep it close taxi driver. I paid the fare now take me to my destination. With two pennies the ride may begin. The engine starts with a flat line beep and we are off. New scenery and old friends makes it enjoyable in the beginning. Change is always traumatic on the heart. I missed you’s make my heart calm and the journey continues. All round edges and velvety smoothness make me feel safe. No worries but fears begin to enter my mind. Where are the good times? Blandness covers the land and people speculate on when it will happen. Waiting can take up most of the day here. Will he, will it, will they, will it happen? In an attempt to keep things positive sightings are spoke of. Once again the cycle starts and hope is created.


  1. 友情像一棵樹木,要慢慢的栽培,才能成長真的友誼,要經過困難考驗,才可友誼永固..............................