Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a Sympathetic ear

Everyday going through the motions so I can eat and sleep, doing things unnatural to feel natural, is this existence? Knowing that almost everyone does it doesn’t make it right. I want to buy a horse, I want to live on a ranch, I want to live. I want to be in touch with nature, to hear the gods bellow through the trees. In the morning the sun will rise and I will be there to greet it. We will acknowledge each others presence with a smile and a warm hello. I will pet my dog and take him to the hill to track his ancient ancestors and secure his domain. My horse will be waiting and we will go up into the mountains to listen to the earth speak its beauty through running streams, falling rock, animal deaths and births, and its silence. I will know where I belong and where I came from. My heart will be calm and I will be at peace, not fearing death. My horse will take me home and I will tell it of the loves and losses of my life and it will be comforted knowing my secrets.