Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I’m going to build a box in my back yard. This box will free of noise, light, thought, friends, enemies, or any other influence from the outside world. I will enter the box with the burdens I now carry. When the door closes and all ceases to exist I will begin to shed all the unnecessary attachments that add weight to my daily life. Once the weight is shed I will remain their silent until I’ve forgotten about everything. I will not exist anymore. In time the door will open and I will emerge fresh as the flowers in spring, now knowing the evils of the world. With this innocence I will carry a sword and slay all the evil that comes my way. The walls will never be penetrated by them again. I will hold those close who I love and protect them with my innocence. Forget the world in order to find peace, but live in it with the eyes of a child while wielding a weapon that deters the leaches. If you are close, I will bring you with me and we will be light as air floating through the world laughing.

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