Monday, February 22, 2010

undefeated world champion, perfect the art

Fear me today. I’m in another place, a place you never want to be. I cannot control it and it makes me weak. To acknowledge it would mean defeat, but to ignore it will cause immense sadness. The choice is one of closed eyes and distorted visions. Expand your horizons they might say. My hands are shaking. Locked inside I cannot escape. Push the issue and create a tragedy. I will no longer acknowledge the signs of long nights and harsh mornings. Eyes of fear, eyes of the ignorant, close them now before a lose occurs. My legs want to run with nowhere to go. I remember when I was young and had to fight for it, but this is another story, this isn’t the cause. I wish I had a complaint department that cared or mattered. I see bridges to foreign lands and know I can’t find home. In the service of a force more influential than gravity I force a smile on my face and smack the curator at the museum. This is an exhibit of defiance. Be a part, be a piece, pay the price. Laughing and smiling the children know no different. Blind, I will continue to be the critic and hold all things accountable, knowing the guilty party got away. Many hours of energy have been wasted and will continue to be.

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