Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thinking and talking to Cameron

Every day I come closer to death. The clock ticks and my body breaks down. It is no longer developing, its decaying slowly and sending me postcards from the other side. Stop, think, don’t do it, I’m in pain. I still see the light and want to bask in its glory but I must remain on the sideline waiting to die. We all will, but I don’t want to. Fear of dying is now taking up 20% of my daily computing capacity. I now notice that the work I do is 20% slower and less effective than it use to be. Soon my life will be consumed by death and I will cease to be able perform any normal human interaction. Quiet in a corner waiting for the end I will be reborn with no fear, knowing the end means nothing and I really only mattered to a select few. I will be in the valley of death laughing at the existence I once knew. Be kind to those you care for and treat yourself good. Life isn’t so serious.

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