Monday, February 8, 2010

Solid feet can fly

Cross over the hill and place the order. Timeless effects on an aging mind create valleys. Most paths are traveled. In order to find the brush one must light a fire. This usually makes the eyes water. Drive your car and role down the window, your eyes will surly dry to leave a light dusting of the moon on your face. Brush it off and pile it up, some day you might need it to catch a bird. Washington and five cents seem to be common fraises. Now type it into your computer and print out the results, your homework is done for the night. A little less reading and a lot less thought is part of a well-balanced meal. Nutrition or lack of is educating our youth. Once a hammer was used for building, now only for brutality and pillaging. Nail your foot to the ground and try to run a race. Did the earth give way or did it hold it’s ground? Firmly planted decisions can be made. Wasting time is often not what it seems. Try to plan an escape with no point of entry. Wash tubs for shoes can never clean the soul.

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