Tuesday, February 2, 2010

eyes wide in the sun

I just don’t want to worry anymore. If this is too much to ask for please let me know. A baby is implanted in it’s mother’s womb, does it worry? The world jumps up on it like a tsunami on the unsuspecting natives. I still try to think back to the days when I was breathing liquid and never ate. Many years have passed and lines have been drawn and broke and I still yearn for the liquid. Two quitters called yesterday to complain. I feel nothing for their struggle and only wish they didn’t know me. Asking for something and getting something are two different subjects. If I may never ask again please give me nothing in exchange. A simple existence where time is stable will suit me fine. If I never hear the wretched noise again may I rest and sleep through the night. In a palace of gold only the walls are rich. All occupants try and walk, head held high, but reality is often more painful than the thawing of the North Pole. I know we will all drowned one day, but I will be well versed in the art of swimming and I alone will watch the last human sink while drinking a cup of fresh coffee. When this time comes and all seems lost, I will learn to breathe water again and no longer fear.

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