Wednesday, February 3, 2010

is it an accident

Don’t ever wake up is what I told him. Jennifer still makes that squawk, Barb still smokes, life is at ease. Just try and imagine the steering wheel on your car. You turn it and nothing happens. You press on the brake, the pedal goes to the floor and the car glides on. Seeing the red light with five cars at in line, you begin to wonder. Am I going fast enough to impact the last car sending it into the car ahead of it and so on and so forth or will I splat on the windshield in an blatant display of insolence? You hit the throttle. The needle on the speedo begins to climb. Life never seemed so easy. Just for fun you flip the left turn signal on, to make them think you are in control. At this point you look deep into your heart and say to yourself, “Thank you God for taking care of me and guiding me in the tough times of my life, I know without you I would be lost and lonely, forgive me of the sins for which I have done, and thank you for providing for me.” You look up and all the cars are gone and a fly is crawling on you foot. As the fly crawls over your big toe you notice it begins to enlarge. You sit and stare at it for a few minutes and notice your toe is turning into a small model of the hindenburg. Two seconds later it takes flight and heads for your right arm. You swat at it, but it maneuvers to avoid your hand. Just as it reaches your shoulder it bursts into flames and singes the hair in your ear. Small sections of the blimp fall and burn on your shoulder ruining your new polo shirt. A quick spit and the flames are distinguished. Now over the radio you hear that the city of Orange has outlawed reading in its schools. Again you look to the speedo for guidance, and the needle rests calmly on the pin that reads zero. Considering that your car is no longer moving, you no longer have a big toe on your right foot, and your new polo shirt is ruined you decide to blow off your job interview for the day. When ones life isn’t going the way they expected they always look to others for support and help. This is why I would say never wake up. In real life you would have swerved to the left hit the brakes spun sideways, hit a parked car killing yourself and the two teenagers sitting on the curb smoking behind the car. Now this isn’t a problem. You chose to put your life in the hands of someone who is not proven to exist. You believe there is some reward for your negligence in this case, because you had faith. Forget the faith, have faith in yourself and take responsibility for your actions. Please stay sleeping I cannot afford another person awake in this world.

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