Friday, November 13, 2009

owning a pond

I had a dream the other day about a pond I used to visit. The first time I went their, it was inhabited by a few different wild species. The species were very curious and naive. I didn't really like any of them so I introduced a new aggressive species into the pond. In time the aggressive species took over most of the pond. I sat and watched at the beauty of the flourishing pond and it pleased me. The few native fish that were left seemed to keep to themselves and stay at the bottom of the pond. The superior species didn't mind because the few native fish that were left seemed to clean the pond and do odd tasks that the superior species wouldn't. In time the superior fish began to notice that the native fish seemed to be multiplying at a rate much greater than their own. In the beginning this didn't bother them either. A few fish would protest but it went unnoticed. In time the superior fish would avoid swimming to the bottom of the pond. Naturally they were better than the bottom feeders and the top of the pond is where all the sunshine and food was anyways. They continued to live the good life at the top of the pond ignoring the murky depths below until one day they noticed that as they swam they would often rub fins with the native fish. Now this was something that had never happened before. These superior fish began to worry because there didn't seem to be enough room in the pond for all the fish. Now they began to be concerned about the over population of the pond and the only solution to dropping the population seemed to be have less babies. They all agreed but to their surprise the pond didn't seem to be getting any roomier. In time they began seeing less and less of their friends and more of the bottom fish. They started to take action, but it was to late the bottom feeders have been reproducing at a four to one rate and have token over the pond in a passive reproductive take over. The once proud superior fish have lost the pond and are hiding in small communities trying to pretend like nothing has happened and they could still swim anywhere in the pond they like, but this is so untrue. They are now a dieing species, dying because of their arrogance from long ago.

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