Friday, November 20, 2009

fear of friends

Blue is often associated with cold or depression, but I will paint it blue and you will love me for it. If he really cares he will hold the needle. I know I care and I will still try. If in any case the father tries to do his job tell him it’s to late. Now hold your right arm up and slap it as if it were a delinquent dog, grab it and hold it and tell it you love it. I know this is possible because my arm has been numb during the night for a few weeks now and I see no reason to pursue it further. Now remember the time when she spoke of you, now try and forget it and pay yourself a dollar for each memory that crosses your mind from that point on. I will guarantee that you will be broke by the end of the day. I will compare this to a child, one that knows no deception. Fly, feel it free, floating, now loose it and try and gain it back having the knowledge that flight is only for birds and airplanes. This is where the spiral begins. In an attempt to fly one will often substitute the real thing for something synthetic. I will go no further here. Only to say flight is for the birds, it is hard enough to walk in this ever-changing environment. I know this is the wiring that came from the factory, but I just wish I had a manual to clarify a few of the glitches. I can see no further than her and I love her for that. I will shave the walls of my house, put it in a cup, add syrup and sell it to the children. I know this will rot their teeth, but it is always worth the smile.

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