Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where are you

I will try and pull the rope to tighten the slack. One can only get closer to earth when slack is involved. This life that we lead seems to follow a circular pattern. I wake and I sleep and nothing seems to change. I must repair that last sentence. Things change, oh yes they do. I did not ask for this it was given. To those who don’t want thou shall receive. I have a penny and I think I will have it copper plated to ensure worthiness. Please pass the salt I feel a lie coming on. Going places with no pedals is often nice. Enjoyment for the precise group you are in is often mistaken for love. I will try harder next time. In an economic recession I will continue to spend friendships like they were free, sorry. To those who actually think they found it please recheck your map. Starving children can only lead to angry men. I will place my focus on the happier things that make you hurt. Pain is often a placebo for the real thing. No one can tie knots better than sailors. I will learn to drink and tie knots. In the case of an emergency please contact your local beautician. A new hairstyle and a pedicure will fool them all. First things first go to your local pastry shop and order your cake, this is a special event.

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