Saturday, October 10, 2009

Things that are round

From a young age we are taught to like things that are round. Our mother feeds us with her breast and from that day on we are always searching for that soothing feeling round objects give us. In our early youth we rediscover the beauty of round objects through transportation. We get bicycles that give us the freedom to cover large distances that were not possible to cover by walking. We learned the freedom of jumping our bikes with our friends. This is where we discovered that pain can often be connected to round objects. It hurt but it made us better, tougher, and wiser. In our teens we rediscovered the connection of round and females. Hormones firing we began the chase for these prized round objects. Now instead of freedom we discovered beauty and just as with freedom came pain so did it come with beauty. You would think with repetition we would make the connection between round and pain but this is over shadowed by beauty. Take us into our early twenties and this is where we learn that round things often attract other round things. Now like peacocks we customize our cars that give us freedom to travel and attract the women we seek. We apply the largest round objects to our cars in hopes of attracting the most attractive mate. With this we now learn a new pain, the pain to our bank accounts. Though out this growing process two things have been consistent pain and round object, we are now completely comfortable with both. This is why I like round objects; they will surely take you on a journey.

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  1. damn you are on a true writing jag. my head is spinning.