Monday, August 3, 2009

mining for order

October comes and the sky changes. People walk and continue on just as yesterday. I create a boundary where no one is allowed. Inside I think and feel and outside I portray an image of insanity to hold them back. Ever present is the need to feel and it haunts me. Plastic dolls keep perfect eyes and I’m jealous. Few see thru this masquerade and I love them. Hold me tight I might explode from the joy they bring me. Outside you will never know I’m as cold and tragic as an iceberg. Stare and wonder is what they do and this makes me happy. Everyday is full of sales, deals, last minute offers, and I buy it all and take mental notes on how it applies to me. Rich in the mind and poor in the world creates a man mostly unseen by society. Late at night when no one is around I let out my emotions and dance with them. When the morning comes I bury them deep from a world so ungrateful. The new year is coming and nothing will change.

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