Sunday, August 2, 2009

Eating disorder

Daily I wonder why we continue eating. Some would say that it tastes good; some might say that their body needs it but most of us eat because it is what was taught to us at birth. Babies scream and food is shoved in their face letting them know everything will be alright. From that point on we associate food with security. One’s life and happiness revolves around food. What we are really doing isn’t nourishing our bodies but satisfying our brainwashed minds. I would like to make a change in our society. I want crying babies to be held and not just given the pacifier. We are now just a group of adults sucking on our corporate pacifiers. When we get down we go to McDonalds, the Cheesecake Factor, Pizza Hut, or some other commercialized feeding trough, these are our adult blankets we drag to our graves. Through saturated fats craving adults are molded into communal cows mowing the lawns of the blue blooded aristocrats. Like cows ready for the slaughter mankind waddles through life supersizing and buying it animal style, thinking the extra 49 cents to make it macho is such a deal.
Open your eyes, purge your mind and hug you baby, there is still time to make a change. Consider this is your first warning. I will be watching you.

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  1. better yet, time your childrens' eating habits/patterns and when they fuss in between meals,just let 'em cry...they stop when they learn that their insecurity isn't met with coddling and treats... then again I'm probably creating a whole new eating disorder...