Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Special days make the mind wander. My dreams will never quit and may I never stop chasing them. If I was to take a tally on life I would say that I have almost everything I could ever ask for but the dream continues. Chasing, running, walking, sleeping it all seems the same right now. The bliss creates a monotony of happiness with no danger in sight. I need to install the fear in order to move. One cannot evolve in bliss. I will smash and burn my fingers today just to keep the senses alive. Once I have the fear I will tow along my happiness in its blissful state just so it can enjoy the ride. It's time to get the engine spooled up and the exhaust spitting unburnt fuel in the eyes of Corporate America. Hold on it is now time to depart the station. Love is such a crazy beast, I will never let it go.

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