Saturday, June 18, 2011

virtual babies

I see the future and don’t understand it. Less action more fluff cannot make for a better life. You sit and watch the screen laughing at visions made to entertain children. A life learned through screens cannot produce sustainable fruit. Stare at it and you still will not get any wiser. You may learn facts from other screen children but nothing that will help you when the power fails. Take a stand use your hands and engage your brain. Life isn’t virtual, people can’t be deleted with a click, open your eyes and let the sunlight in. The world has so much to offer and your screen can only produce a 30 inch view. In the cracks of society is where you need to look. Look for the hands that aren’t perfect, look for dirty fingernails, look to the past and with that you will find knowledge. A world lived in a box is scary. Turn it off today and start living. It may hurt in the beginning but in time the sunlight will start to nourish your soul and you will no longer crave the virtual back rubs of friending someone. Today could be the first day of your life if you just turn the power off.

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