Sunday, September 19, 2010

returning to the shores that made you

Sitting, watching and waiting for it to go by, life gets complicated. It is hard to notice it day to day but it does. Under your feet the ground moves and erodes causing you to shift your weight ever so slightly. Your body does it automatically so you notice nothing. Two days, nothing, two years, you don't see your toes, ten years, your knees are buried and you begin to start pulling. Strain as you might but your legs are stuck. Well it could be worse, you have a nice view. You look around and you are surrounded by things you like, things you've acquired and a few things that you never wanted but came with the passage of time. Well it is ok you can still sit down and bend your waist, arms, back and head. You smile and hold on to the things you love and time continues on. Every once and a wile you pull and dream of movement but you know it is useless. Your place is set and you must be complacent with where you are. It was you who placed your feet in the sand and decided to stand still and watch. You begin to notice you can no longer bend you waist and it is beginning to become hard to breath, life has continued on as you remained motionless, only moving your eyes and hands. Well you did make a difference, your hands produced beauty and you effected those around you. Piled up high as if stacked by professionals you can no longer see beyond the walls you created. Inside a prison of worldly goods you can't see the sun and your body can't move. You wonder what it would have been like if you remained in motion and never stopped to examine the mundane existence they call life. Well you will never know, life washed over you just as it has for centuries prior, not knowing or caring who or what it buried. It is better to move than to be complacent, but be prepared you will stop and you will get buried, crying that you never saw it coming.

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