Tuesday, November 24, 2009

making the purchase

I noticed today that I no longer look when crossing streets. A picture in a frame with glass and a sign that reads break in case of emergency, hangs silently over head. Tonight is unlike any other. A pillow will brace the head and a blanket will cover the body. All visual attractions will not matter. A price has been set and the trap has been sprung. Some will chose to live on as if nothing happened, and those who do so will feel the temperature slowly decrease with age and pleasure. Then there are the few that will chose to shut down the vessel and let it go adrift hoping to wash up on some foreign shore to see familiar faces. Then it comes to what we will call the unknown. The unknown will always struggle and better it’s self in an effort to please these in need. Under the reflection of the picture a strange optical effect is created. Shadows aren’t cast and vision is clear. You break the glass. You buy the picture. When you have a choice, don’t deal with the maybe man, a yes or a no is always preferable.

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