Friday, September 11, 2009

eyes are open

I have it and it get me in trouble. It takes me places where others can’t see. It gets me in fights and it makes me fall in love. I will not let it go. I see those who don’t have it. They drive by motionless with bliss on their face. They walk by spouting off about the party they went to or the cloths they just bought. From the outside to the untrained eye it looks cold and tragic but to those who can see it is smooth and pleasing to the eye and soul. I surround myself with these people and they make my heart dance. Occasionally one slips behind the curtain under the façade of others but they always expose themselves. The daily fights and disappointments do not disturb the soul they only rock the chassis. Feel free to join me but bring it or be exposed and exiled. Thank you mother for showing the road and giving me the tools to follow it, I will drive it at breakneck speeds and continue to expose its soft underbelly. Living and dying are very similar, without one you don’t have the other.

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