Friday, September 25, 2009

4 thoughts for children

Humor is often best when furnished by robots. It’s all in the delivery. On a bike try and keep your front wheel off the ground at least 5% of the time. If you must serve Styrofoam, it best served chilled with a low octane jet fuel sauce.

To avoid awkward situations in the future place two parts butter, one part freshly cut grass and the wings of a baby south African fruit fly in a jar and refrigerate over night. Mix thoroughly in the morning and apply as a paste behind your ears as necessary.

Inside your shoes a war is taking place. You have the big toe who tries to support the arch enemy even though the heel plays a pivotal role he is always first to hit the ground. Teach them to work together and you will always be light on your feet. If you ever get a hammertoe use it to build a future.

There are many types of building blocks. Use them all to form a solid foundation. In a sea infested with sharks, plant flowers. Always build; your hands will love you for it.

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