Monday, August 10, 2009

doctors don't help

Small steps create valleys. To a point in time where you exist I place an eraser on a table and apply ink to those in need. One, two, ten thousand, it’s all the same. To transform through inferior substances creates inferior product. I hang the cautionary devise high and let them know you will be arriving with a carrier supplied by insincere professionals. Hold it as you may or use it for support, but in the end you will certainly forget where you put your legs. Time passes, period’s change, and the valley continues to grow. Knowing it’s getting harder to see the sun you apply sunscreen in an attempt to blend in. Others walk by with little effort and evaporate into the shadows. More sunscreen is applied and your hat is pulled down a little further. To fragile to move the antique fades away in sheer silence. The valley washes away the dust with salt while watching eyes are burned with images by insincere professionals.

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